Privacy Policy Statement

Updated on 19 August, 2013



Maxim’s Caterers Limited (“Maxim’s”) recognizes the importance of your privacy. This privacy policy statement (“this Privacy Statement”) explains how personal data is collected and used by Maxim’s in the Website. Please read this Privacy Statement carefully. By accessing or utilizing services on Website means that you have accepted the terms of this Privacy Statement. If you are unwilling to be bound by the following terms, please do not use this Website. If you complete any form via this Website, after you have completed the form and pressed the button “submit”, it indicates that you have read and understood this Privacy Statement and agreed to how personal data are collected and used as provided in this Privacy Statement. Maxim’s reserves the right to change or modify the contents of this Website at any time and unilaterally change this Privacy Statement without notification. You should regularly check whether this Privacy Statement has been modified via this Website, as your continued use of this Website indicates your acceptance of any change to this Privacy Statement. However, if the modification might materially affect the way we use or disclose your information (including your personal data) (“Data”), we will ask for your consent prior to any modified use. “You”, and “users” refer to any person that accesses this Website for any reason.



1. Collection of Data and its purposes


As part of our recruitment process, this Website enables us to collect necessary personal data about you to consider you for employment with Maxim’s. During the course of the recruitment and selection process, we may request further information about you to assess your suitability for positions with Maxim’s or its’ subsidiaries or affiliates. In doing so, we only collect personal data that is necessary for recruitment decisions.


In all cases, Maxim’s informs applicants before a selection method is used of its relevance to selection process and the types of personal data to be collected. References from your current or former employer(s) or other sources will only be obtained with your written or verbal consent.


In some cases, pre-employment checking may be necessary. Any checking is "tailor-made" and the extent and nature of information sought is no more than is justified by the particular position being filled.


Failure to provide requested information may influence the processing and outcome of your application.


Maxim’s uses the personal data for the primary purpose of considering your suitability for positions with Maxim’s and its subsidiaries or affiliates. Only that information which is relevant to the purpose of assessing your suitability is collected and used.


Maxim’s will not collect or use personal data in ways other than as described in this statement unless we have obtained your consent. In some cases Maxim’s may specifically request a consent form to be signed. In other cases consent may be implied (for instance, you give us information after being fully advised of how it will be used).



2. Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance


Maxim’s complies with Hong Kong laws including Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance in its policy and the ways it collects, uses, stores, discloses, transfers, protects and accesses Data.



3. Retention, storage and disclosure of Data


You acknowledge, agree and authorize Maxim’s to retain and store the Data you provided in one or more databases of Maxim’s within or outside Hong Kong, and to provide, disclose, access and transfer such Data to:


(a) any partners or staff of Maxim’s and its affiliated or subsidaries who directly involved in the recruitment process. ;


(b) any contractor or agent which provides administrative, telecommunication, computer, payment, insurance, professional or other services to Maxim’s and is engaged by Maxim’s for the recruitment or other activities purposes;


(c) anyone that Maxim’s has to make disclosure to in accordance with the requirements of applicable laws, administrative policies or regulations;


(d) anyone who reasonably requires Maxim’s to make disclosure in order that Maxim’s can implement the purposes listed in this Privacy Statement.


You agree that Maxim’s can disclose your Data in the following reasonable and necessary circumstances:


(i) in compliance with relevant laws;


(ii) to execute or implement any terms of use relating to your use of this Website or the services provided by Maxim’s;


(iii) to protect rights, properties or interests of Maxim’s, its affiliates and subsidiaries, employees, agents, customers and users; or


(iv) in compliance with this Privacy Statement.



4. Security of Data


Maxim’s will use various security technologies and procedures to protect your Data from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Maxim’s keeps your personal data secure and make it accessible to partners and staff on a need to know basis. The information you provide in your online application is stored into our recruitment database. Only authorised Maxim’s personnel are provided access to personal data and these employees have agreed to ensure confidentiality of this information. Maxim’s will take all practical and feasible measures to ensure any Data collected by this Website will not be intercepted by any third party. You must be clear that Maxim’s advertisers or any website with links to this Website may collect your Data. You must read the relevant privacy statement carefully before you provide your Data to them. Your provision of your Data to any third party has nothing to do with Maxim’s and Maxim’s will not have any responsibility on such. If Maxim’s receives relevant Data from a third party, it will retain the information in the usual strict secured and confidential standards. Generally, in Hong Kong, Maxim’s hold recruitment information for specific vacancies for up to 24 months. To delete or amend your personal data submitted through our Website, please access the Website by using the access link provided and access code which has been sent to you via email If you have not provided Maxim’s an email address, you need to send your request for deletion or amendment of your personal data to



5. Access to your Data and correct your Data


If you wish to gain access to your Data, please send your request to Other than e-mail, you can also contact Maxim’s Data Privacy Officer via Postal address: Maxim’s Data Privacy Officer, Maxim’s Caterers Limited, 18/F, Maxim’s Centre, No.17 Cheung Shun Street, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Tel: 852-2101 1333.


If you believe that Data Maxim’s hold about you is incorrect, if you have concerns about how Maxim’s is handling your Data, please email to Maxim’s and we will try to resolve those concerns.


If you have the access code, you may correct your Data by yourself over the Website.



6. Cookies and third-party applications


Cookies may be used on some areas of Website. A cookie is a small software application which allows a website to recognise a previous user and to observe how a user navigates within a website. Cookies are now used as a standard by many websites to improve users' navigational experience. If you are concerned about cookies, most browsers permit individuals to decline cookies. In most cases, a visitor may refuse a cookie and still fully navigate our websites, however other functionality in the site may be impaired. After termination of the visit to Website, you can always delete the cookie from your system if you wish.


In order to properly manage Maxim’s website and related email services, Maxim’s may anonymously log information on our operating systems about the number and duration of visits to Website and identify categories of visitors by items such as domains and browser types, and to track document identification number by way of email acknowledgement or return receipt. In addition, site statistics are compiled by third parties, and therefore your IP address will be passed to third parties for statistical reporting only. This is to ensure that the Website presents the best web experience for visitors and is an effective information resource.


Whenever a registered member visits this Website, they must identify themselves in order to gain entry.



7. Links to third parties’ websites or applications


Please note that Maxim’s provides links to third parties’ websites or applications as a service to users or acknowledgement of the applications. Maxim’s is not responsible for the contents on such web pages or third-party applications or how information is collected. Maxim’s recommends you to read and understand the privacy measures of any such third parties website or applications before you submit any information to them.


Maxim’s reserves the right to modify or amend this statement at any time and for any reason. However, Maxim’s commits to ensure that the privacy rights of individuals are maintained. Nothing contained in this statement is intended to create a contract or agreement between Maxim’s and any visitor using this Website, or provide identifying information in any form.



The English translation of this document shall prevail if there is any inconsistency between the English and Chinese version.